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Boiler & Burner Sensors


ETC offers a range of dedicated self-checking pressure and temperature sensors for use as part of an ETC6000 system.

The ETC1021 Gas Pressure Sensor is installed between the two gas isolating valves on the gas train. Once installed the sensor can be used as part of the gas valve proving system and can provide high and low level alarm and interlock functions. Because the sensor is self-checking, the need for mechanical pressure switches in eliminated.

The ETC1030/1034 & ETC1040/1044 are self-checking steam pressure and temperature sensors.  These provide the measured value of the heating medium within the boiler so that control can be achieved locally using internal PID functions to vary the firing rate of the boiler and position the servo motor drives throughout the chosen profile. If an ETC self-checking pressure sensor is used to provide the boiler high-limit lockout then a pressure switch is not required.

Other functions such as alarm thresholds and warming limits can also be assigned by adjusting parameters within the main ETC6000 series controller.

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