ETC6000 Display Modules

ETC offers two types of Human Machine Interface (HMI) for the ETC6000 series, graphical and text. Both types record a fault history and a backup of the controller parameters and curve sets. These HMI’s are used to commission the controllers and the settings of the combustion curve sets.

ETC6075 Touch-Screen Display Panel

The Touch-Screen Display Panel home-screen is a graphical representation of the boiler, burner and fuel delivery system. In addition, the current operating status, the values of any installed pressure or temperature sensors and any alarm conditions are also displayed.

During burner start-up a dedicated pop-up panel appears on the Touch-Screen Display Panel to indicate progress through the various stages of start-up from proving the closed positions of the drives through to modulation. On burner shutdown a similar panel is also displayed. ‘Buttons’ at the bottom of the touchscreen allow users to initiate functions such as burner start/stop, fuel selection, control mode, alarm handling as well as entering the various operational modes. The touchscreen display is a ‘blank canvas’ allowing ETC to work with its customers to design graphics and screen layouts to their exact specifications and requirements.

ETC’s OEM customers can have products developed that reflect their unique design philosophies and personalities and incorporate their trademarks and logos. Restrictions previously associated with language character sets such as Russian and Chinese are no longer issues. The touchscreen bezel can also be supplied to suit customer requirements.

ETC6066 Text Based HMI

Our Text Based HMI is the entry level display module providing information from the ETC6000 Burner Management System series through a variety of menus. This display has a membrane keypad for the equipment operator to be able to select items for display and to change the mode of the burner operation.

Typical display information will be:

Measured boiler temperature or pressure
Operating setpoint
Ignition control
Start-up status
Engineers maintenance data

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