ETC6100 Air Fuel Ratio Controller

Our ETC6100 Air Fuel Ratio Controller is suitable for use with a variety of burner control boxes to enhance combustion control from single point to multi element control with options for monitoring fan speed via Variable Frequency Drive and oxygen trim, which further improve burner efficiency.

Its small footprint means this Air Fuel Ratio Controller can be mounted directly within a burner enclosure. It is suitable for both single and dual fuel boilers, and for low NOx flue gas recirculation as well as the firing of ‘exotic’ fuels.


The ETC6100 Air Fuel Ratio Controller offers numerous features:

  • Up to 10 rotary actuators can be assigned allowing complex applications to be addressed
  • Control of two variable speed drives for combustion air and fuel pump control
  • Local modulation using ETC or third party boiler temperature or pressure sensors and two internal PID controllers
  • Up to 4 air fuel ratio profiles can be programmed
  • CANbus communications between controllers, actuators, displays and peripherals simplifies wiring
  • Choice of communications protocols including RS-485, Profibus and Modbus
  • Versatile programming options allow most applications to be addressed
  • Oxygen trim option using dedicated ETC oxygen probe and interface
  • Interfaces to third party flame safeguards.
  • Multilingual text or graphical display options available


The ETC6100 Air Fuel Ratio Controller offers multiple benefits:

  • Improved combustion and turndown saves up to 5% on fuel costs and significantly reduces harmful CO2 and other flue gas emissions
  • Prolongs boiler life and reduces maintenance downtime
  • Rotary actuators with a positioning accuracy of ±0.1° replace conventional characterising cams and linkages and eliminate backlash and hysteresis
  • Using a second setpoint during periods of low demand save up to 10% in fuel usage
  • Oxygen trim saves up to 3.5%
  • Passcode protection prevents untrained/unauthorised changes to combustion set-up
  • Integration of logic control, PID modulation and air fuel ratio control into a single unit simplifies wiring and interconnection and improves reliability
  • Sequencing of up to four boilers as standard (lead/lag) optimises boiler output achieving up to 5% cost savings

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