ETC6009 Burner Management System

Our ETC6009 Burner Management System is similar to ETC6003 but has a blending function when firing mixed gas profiles to bias the use of one gas rather than the other depending upon availability. The blending function is controlled by a signal from external systems and, as with ETC6008, oxygen trim is a mandatory function for this controller.

Product specifics

Functional integration of burner control, gas leak detection, gas valve proving, flame supervision, PID modulation and air fuel ratio control in a single unit, simplifies wiring and interconnections and improves reliability. The ETC6009 has improved combustion and improved turndown, saving up to 5% on fuel costs and significantly reduces harmful CO2 and other flue gas emissions.

ETC6009 Burner Management System


The ETC6009 Burner Management System offers numerous features:

  • Designed for fully modulating dual gas burners
  • All burner start up sequence functions and timings fully integrated
  • Ignition control
  • IR, UV, photocell and ionisation flame scanners supported
  • Control of two variable speed drives for combustion air and fuel pump control
  • Up to 10 rotary actuators can be assigned allowing complex applications to be addressed
  • Fuel safety valve control and proving
  • Up to 4 air/fuel ratio profiles can be programmed
  • Choice of communications protocols including RS-485, Profibus and Modbus
  • Versatile programming options allowing most applications to be addressed
  • Oxygen trim using dedicated ETC oxygen probes and interfaces ensures safe combustion


The ETC6009 Burner Management System offers multiple benefits:

  • Enables users to use combustible waste products as fuel, reducing overall fuel costs and disposal costs
  • Rotary actuators with a positioning accuracy of ±0.1° replace conventional characterising cams and linkages and eliminates backlash and hysteresis
  • Using a second setpoint during periods of low demand can save up to 10% in fuel usage
  • Passcode protection to prevent untrained/unauthorised changes to combustion set-up
  • Software allows advanced interfacing functions and collection/trend logging of data
  • Small ‘footprint’ allows the ETC6009 to be mounted directly within the burner enclosure

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