ETC6300 Controller


The new ETC6300 Controller provides integrated burner control to smaller scale installations. ETC6300 offers large commercial – or small industrial – settings the same capabilities, empowering businesses to manage their boiler set-up more effectively, improve their efficiency and save fuel – and money.

Product specifics

The new ETC6300 Controller offers a lower cost single fuel, fully integrated burner control. Functional integration of flame and air pressure monitoring, gas leak detection, gas valve proving, PID modulation and air fuel ratio control in a single unit simplifies wiring and interconnections and improves reliability.

Its small footprint means the ETC6300 Controller can be mounted directly within a burner enclosure. Plant Master mode is compatible with the ETC6300 Controller, allowing engineers to view the boiler setup as one system, making it easier than ever before to analyse numerous boiler results and ensure efficiency.







The ETC6300 burner control offers numerous features:

  • Flame and air pressure monitoring
  • Fuel valve shut off control
  • Gas valve leak testing
  • Compatible with ETC606x and ETC607x HMIs
  • PID control for boiler temperature or pressure by modulating fire rate
  • Combustion fan speed control with speed feedback as either current signal or pulse signal
  • Two combustion curve sets using up to 3 actuators
  • Six programmable digital inputs for burner or plant interlocks
  • Fault history on-board
  • Modbus RTU communications built-in and ProfiBus communications (with external device)


The ETC6300 burner control offers the following benefits:

  • Improved combustion and improved turndown saves up to 5% on fuel costs and significantly reduces harmful CO2 and other flue gas emissions
  • Prolongs boiler life and reduces maintenance downtime
  • Rotary actuators with a positioning accuracy of ±0.1° replace conventional characterising cams and linkages and eliminates backlash and hysteresis
  • Using a second setpoint during periods of low demand can save up to 10% in fuel usage

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