ETC2800 Flue Gas Oxygen Analyser

This microprocessor based Flue Gas Oxygen Analyser measures both flue gas temperature and oxygen concentration utilising ETC’s industry leading zirconia oxide ‘in-situ’ oxygen/temperature probe. Designed in stainless steel, the simple construction of this Flue Gas Oxygen Analyser makes installation quick and easy.


The ETC2800 Flue Gas Oxygen Analyser offers numerous features:

  • Calculates boiler gross or net efficiency
  • Calculates CO2
  • Available with or without display
  • Factory or user programmable alarm relays and 4-20mA outputs for interface to third party systems
  • IP65 electronics enclosure
  • Communications software for local and remote connection to PC
  • RS-485 communications
  • Self-diagnostics


The ETC2800 Flue Gas Oxygen Analyser offers multiple benefits:

  • Industry leading zirconia oxygen probe
  • Suitable for use with a wide range of fuels
  • Life expectancy of 10 years or more with minimal but appropriate servicing
  • Integrated chromel/alumel thermocouple
  • Range of probe sizes covering flue sizes from 0.3m to 4.0m across
  • Exceptionally quick response time
  • No moving parts
  • No pumped reference air is required
  • 6 micron sintered stainless steel filter.
  • Various flange options for flue mounting.
  • Suitable for flue gas temperatures up to 540°C/1000°F.

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