Why choose an ETC6000 integrated control?

The ETC6000 Series Burner Management System offers complete and flexible solutions to industrial burner users. Applications include steam and hot water boilers, oil heaters and process driers.

The ETC6000 controllers are suitable for use with single and dual fuel burners as well as with twin fired boilers. Where more than one boiler is used, ETC6000 controllers can be networked using RS-485 communications. The ETC6000 boiler sequencing utility enables up to four boilers to be sequenced.

Our experts have highlighted 6 important reasons why the ETC6000 integrated control is the perfect choice for your company.

Safety Advantage

Improved safety performance meeting current and announced European safety standards. The ETC6000 is independently assessed and certified for use in a SIL 3 control loop. SIL is an international standard used by manufacturers to identify all process hazards, to estimate the risk of failure and determine if a failure occurs, the product will ‘fail safely’.

Design Advantage

Functional integration of burner control, gas leak detection, gas valve proving, flame supervision, PID modulation and air fuel ratio control in a single unit simplifies wiring and interconnections and improves reliability.

Engineering Advantage

Highly flexible; making these controls suitable for a range of burners from basic commercial burners to complex special process applications.

Commercial Advantage

Including; small size and full integration, simplified wiring and easy expansion, fuel savings, lower prices, shorter paybacks, extended boiler plant life span, customisable.

Service Advantage

The commissioned data is stored in the display and in the control, the control can be replaced without the need to re-commission. Internal data logging is available for performance, trending, emissions and event history.

Environmental Advantage

Improved combustion and improved turndown saves up to 5% on fuel costs and significantly reduces harmful CO2 and other flue gas emissions.

If you would like to discuss how our ETC6000 integrated control could help your business please do get in touch.