Utilising dual fuels in an Industrial setup

Industrial boilers are critical components in many manufacturing and production processes. They are used to generate steam and hot water for a variety of purposes, such as heating, power generation, and sterilisation. One way to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of these boilers is to run them on dual fuels.

Dual fuel boilers

Dual fuel boilers are designed to operate on two different fuel sources, either by switching between them or by using both simultaneously. The most common dual fuel combination is natural gas and fuel oil, but other fuels such as biomass can also be used.

The advantages of using dual fuels in industrial boilers are numerous. One of the most significant benefits is increased efficiency. By using two different fuel sources, the boiler can take advantage of the strengths of each fuel while compensating for their weaknesses.

For example, natural gas is a clean burning fuel that is relatively inexpensive, but it can be difficult to obtain in certain areas. Fuel oil, on the other hand, is widely available and can be stored on site, but it is more expensive and produces more emissions. By using both fuels together, the boiler can take advantage of the low cost and clean burning properties of natural gas while also having a reliable backup source of fuel in case of shortages or disruptions.

Cost savings

Another advantage of dual fuel boilers is cost savings. The cost of fuel can vary greatly depending on market conditions, and by using two different fuels, the boiler can take advantage of the most cost-effective fuel at any given time. This can lead to significant cost savings over time.

Additionally, using dual fuels also means reduced dependence on a single fuel source, which can be beneficial for companies that rely on a single fuel source. It can be especially useful for companies located in remote areas or areas with an unreliable fuel supply.


However, it is important to note that running industrial boilers on dual fuels can also increase the complexity of the boiler system. Proper maintenance and management is necessary to ensure safe and efficient operation. It is also important to have a good understanding of the different fuel requirements and characteristics to ensure proper combustion and avoid potential problems such as clogging or corrosion.

How ETC can help

Running industrial boilers on dual fuels can be an effective way to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure a reliable fuel supply. Our ETC6000 Boiler Management Control Series is configured to manage dual fuels. With the right approach, industrial boilers can be run on dual fuels to make the most of the advantages of different fuel sources, resulting in a more sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective industrial operation. Speak to one of our experts if you would like to learn more.