The Green Deal Initiative – what it means for our sector

UK industry will receive around £350 million to cut down carbon emissions under new plans to step up efforts to tackle climate change, PM Boris Johnson announced last month. In this blog the experts at Energy Technology and Control explain what the green deal initiative means for the sector.

This multi-million pound investment package builds upon the Prime Minister’s work to drive forward progress on the UK’s target to reach net zero by 2050.  Helping businesses to decarbonise across the heavy industry, construction, space and transport sectors and to secure the UK’s place at the forefront of green innovation.

Over the past decade, the UK has cut carbon emissions by more than any similar developed country. In 2019, UK emissions were 42% lower than in 1990, while our economy over the same period grew by 72%. The Covid-19 pandemic has hit businesses hard, but it has also allowed time to refocus on areas of the business which can be forgotten in the day to day grind.

As businesses shut down during lockdown, air quality improved. With fewer cars on the road, the environment prospered. This didn’t go unnoticed and both individuals and businesses opened their eyes to the effect their way of life has on the world around us.

The green deal initiative empowers business to look at more efficient – and environmentally friendly – ways of working. By investing into the businesses boiler set-up and improving its efficiency, you can reap the rewards in both energy savings, but also in monetary terms. Depending on the specifics of the boiler set-up there will be numerous areas which could allow businesses to achieve significant energy savings and substantially reduce outgoings.

Business and Energy Secretary, Alok Sharma, said: “This green deal funding will reduce emissions, create green collar jobs and fuel a strong, clean economy.”

There has never been a better time to review your industrial burner control strategy; there are currently a plethora of grants and loans available to support businesses through this uncertain time. By investing into your business’ technology set-up, energy savings due to improved efficiency can be achieved, allowing you to reduce outgoings and save money in these uncertain times.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently said; “The UK now has a huge opportunity to cement its place at the vanguard of green innovation, setting an example worldwide while growing the economy and creating new jobs.”

If you would like to discuss how our electronic burner controls can help your business improve its efficiency, reduce its emissions and emerge stronger from the Covid-19 pandemic please do get in touch.