Plant Master takes the stress out of managing multiple combustion controllers


Energy Technology & Control has incorporated an innovative mode into the ETC6075 Touchscreen HMI. The ‘Plant Master’ mode utilises the Ethernet to connect up to 10 ETC6000 series controllers to the user interface, making it easier than ever before to drill down and analyse numerous boiler results.

ETC - plant master

The facts

The new Plant Master mode allows engineers to view all of the boilers as one all-encompassing system providing input into the steam generation process.

A CANBus sensor, connected to a local ETC6000 controller, is used to measure the steam pressure. The Plant Master interface allows the CANBus sensor to be designated as the sensor input and power supply.


To configure the Plant Master mode the engineer simply needs to enter the high and low fire power outputs for each boiler. These need to be included as megawatts, tonnes per hour and BHP.

Using this information alongside the boiler priorities the system will work to match the total output to the load, in a single PID loop.

The system’s overview function allows engineers to see all of the incorporated boilers on one screen; it is then possible to drill down into any of these to access each individual controller.

Next step

If your engineers regularly manage numerous ETC6000 controllers and would benefit from being able to view the bigger picture pictorially on one master screen, then speak to the Energy Technology & Control team about Plant Master.