Invest in your infrastructure now to enjoy monetary savings.

The industrial burner control experts at Energy Technology and Control have created an infographic to visually illustrate ways in which businesses can try to save money and stay afloat following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Due to the disruption caused by Covid-19, the government have introduced a large number of business grants and loans, to help businesses navigate this unprecedented situation. By using these grants and loans to invest in improving efficiency it is possible to reap the financial rewards in the upcoming difficult months.

invest now and save infographic

Where to invest?

Depending on your boiler set-up there will be ample areas which could provide significant energy savings and considerably reduce expenditure. These include reviewing electronic controls, utilising oxygen trim and reviewing air damper performance as well as investing in inverters and looking into a plant master system for sequencing multiple boilers. Set-up efficiency can be improved in a number of ways.

In the below infographic our industrial burner control experts have pictorially illustrated a number of ways that investing in your electronic burner controls can decrease your energy bills in the coming months.

Linkageless burners

Irrespective of linkage quality, movement in each connection point will result in a level of hysteresis – or “drift”. Hysteresis tends to increase with the number of connection points; increased hysteresis reduces combustion efficiency and increases fuel costs.

Increased turndown

The ratio of maximum heat output to the minimum level of heat output, at which the boiler will operate efficiently or controllably, is referred to as boiler turndown ratio.

If the set-up is working at a small fraction of its maximum and the turndown ratio is too low, the burner will still need to be shut off when the desired pressure/temperature is achieved. This results in a rapid reduction in temperature/pressure, which requires the boiler to restart.

This is disadvantageous, as flue gases are purged during both the shut-down and start-up phases, leading to energy losses and inefficiency.

PID setback control

If a plant does not run continuously, then the second internal PID modulation circuit – which electronic fuel:air ratio controls have –  can be used during periods of reduced activity to switch the boiler to a lower steam pressure or hot water temperature to improve efficiency.

Fan speed control

Fan speed control is a straightforward add-on option on some electronic burner controls. By including fan speed control, burner turn-down can be increased without surrendering efficiency, and extra fuel savings can be achieved.

Oxygen trim

Oxygen trim is a closed loop system available as an choice on some electronic fuel:air ratio controls. Oxygen trim refers to a system of monitors used to maintain excess air at the optimum level in a combustion device.

Boiler sequencing and communication software

A boiler sequencing system helps to ensure that boilers are fired in a controlled manner, providing cost savings by avoiding individual boilers from over firing and cycling on and off unnecessarily.

Plant Master

There has been an addition to the ETC6075 Touchscreen HMI, the innovative ‘Plant Master’ mode utilises the Ethernet to connect up to 10 ETC6000 series controllers to the user interface – it has never been easier or simpler to analyse numerous boiler results.

Using the Plant Master operating mode allows engineers to view all of the boilers as one all-encompassing system; this provides an invaluable insight into the steam generation process.

Next steps

There has never been a better time to review your industrial burner control strategy. By improving efficiency businesses can reduce outgoings and save money in these uncertain times

To discuss how our electronic burner controls could help your business emerge stronger from the Covid-19 pandemic please do get in touch.