Increasing demand for lower cost single fuel, fully integrated burner controls like the ETC6300

In recent years, there has been a growing demand for lower cost, single fuel, fully integrated burner controls in smaller industrial manufacturing settings. This demand is driven by a number of factors, including increased energy costs, stricter environmental regulations, and a desire to improve overall efficiency and productivity. Our ETC6300 Controller provides exactly this, integrated burner control for smaller scale installations.

The advantages of the ETC6300

One of the main advantages of lower cost, single fuel burner controls is their ability to reduce operating costs. By using a single fuel source, manufacturers can avoid the expense of purchasing and storing multiple types of fuel, as well as the costs associated with switching between fuel sources. Additionally, fully integrated burner controls can help to optimise the combustion process, resulting in higher energy efficiency and lower fuel consumption.

The ETC6300 offers large commercial – or small industrial – settings the same capabilities, empowering businesses to manage their boiler set-up more effectively, improve their efficiency and save fuel – and money.

Environmental benefits

Another major benefit of these burner controls is their ability to meet strict environmental regulations. Single fuel systems can help to reduce emissions, as they eliminate the need for fuel switching and the associated emissions that come with it.

Fully integrated controls also allow manufacturers to monitor and adjust the combustion process in real-time, further reducing emissions and improving overall environmental performance.

The new ETC6300 Controller offers functional integration of flame and air pressure monitoring, gas leak detection, gas valve proving, PID modulation and air fuel ratio control in a single unit simplifying wiring and interconnections and improving reliability.

Its small footprint means the ETC6300 Controller can be mounted directly within a burner enclosure. Our Plant Master mode is compatible with the ETC6300 Controller, allowing engineers to view the boiler setup as one system, making it easier than ever before to analyse numerous boiler results and ensure efficiency.

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If you are looking for high quality equipment at a lower price point, then a single fuel burner may be ideal for your setup. They are less complicated and lower cost to purchase and offer further cost savings in efficiency as well as the added value of the additional features that the ETC6300 provides.

Overall, the demand for lower cost, single fuel, fully integrated burner controls in industrial manufacturing settings is driven by a desire to reduce operating costs, meet strict environmental regulations, and improve overall efficiency and productivity. Speak to our team today.