How did Brexit effect exporting for Energy Technology and Control?

The EU referendum took place on 23 June 2016 and over four years later the trade agreement was finally passed and as of January 2021 Brexit was passed and the UK officially sits outside of the European Union.

The UK is the only country to formally leave the EU, after 47 years of having been a member state. Brexit was surrounded by scaremongering; in this blog we look at what has actually changed for Energy Technology and Control and its customers in Europe – and around the world – in the last five months.

In the times since the Brexit transition period ended, trade flows at British borders rarely left the headlines. In January, due to bureaucracy and uncertainty, exports from the UK to the EU fell by 40.7 per cent when compared to December 2020, this is despite a trade deal preventing the introduction of new tariffs or goods quotas on UK-EU trade.

Brexit paperwork

The main fallout for UK businesses exporting into Europe is additional administration . When importing or exporting, it is crucial you have the right paperwork. Even companies using a freight forwarder or an agent, still need to accept responsibility for ensuring the right documentation is available. Missing or inaccurate documents can lead to delays and extra costs or even prevent a deal from being completed.

Certificate of Origin

When exporting goods, your customer will require a certificate of origin from you. This is a new development for goods exported to the EU, your Chamber of Commerce can issue these. It is advisable to check whether any special documentation is required overseas to satisfy local regulations. For example, you might need documentary proof that your goods meet local product standards.

At Energy Technology and Control we have extensive experience operating worldwide and are highly experienced working with customs departments around the world. The paperwork now required for exporting to the EU is in line with the paperwork required for other international locations. We have spent 30 years working with customers around the globe, we understand processes and procedures and endeavour to ensure a smooth and efficient customs experience.

If you export to the EU or further afield and would like a safe pair of hands to give you peace of mind, speak to a member of our team.