ETC Launches Combustion Controls for Waste Fuel Firing

Energy Technology & Control Ltd, a UK manufacturer of electronic Burner Management Systems, has expanded its range of combustion controllers to allow waste and bio-fuels to be fired either independently or simultaneously with a conventional gaseous or liquid base fuel.

Simultaneous firing of fuels can usually be achieved using conventional products but waste and bio-fuels are often characterised by variable availability and inconsistent calorific values. To overcome this an algorithm within the controller software enables safe and efficient combustion to be achieved; an external signal is used to indicate the proportion of waste fuel that should be used across the firing range. Oxygen trim ensures that any variability in either the fuel calorific value or external atmospheric conditions does not compromise combustion efficiency.

ETC Launches Combustion Controls for Waste Fuel Firing


ETC6008 and ETC6009 and waste fuels

The ETC6008 caters for liquid and gaseous fuels to be fired either independently or simultaneously. A second new model the ETC6009, is designed to allow a gaseous base fuel to be mixed with a gaseous bio or waste fuel and includes the provision for valve proving on two separate gas trains. The ETC6009 can be further enhanced to facilitate the firing of a back-up liquid fuel. The full range of ETC peripherals including a 10.4” touchscreen, CANbus servo motors, and temperature and pressure sensors are all fully compatible will all the new models.