ETC CAN Hubs: Simplifying Burner System Connectivity

CANBus is a robust and widely used communication protocol, particularly in automotive and industrial applications. Allowing multiple microcontrollers to communicate with each other without a host computer. In a CAN network, devices are connected in a bus topology, and each device has a unique identifier.

CANBus Hubs or connectors serve as centralised points for connecting various CAN devices in a system. Instead of directly wiring each device to every other device, a hub provides a centralised location for connections. They typically provide a centralised point for connecting multiple CAN devices, such as sensors, controllers, and other peripherals.

These ‘Hubs’ contribute to a more organised and efficient wiring structure. We are pleased to unveil our latest innovation in combustion control technology – the ETC CANBus Hubs. Designed to streamline the distribution of CANBus on burner systems, these patch-board-like devices redefine connectivity in the realm of combustion control systems.


Key Features

Versatile Configurations

Equipped with convenient plug-in screw terminals, the 5-way version offers simplicity and ease of use.

Available with either plug-in screw terminals or conductor clamp terminals, the 8-way version represents a significant advancement. Unlike its predecessor, which allowed only four connections, the new 8-way version accommodates up to 7 connections. This expanded capability includes sensors, O2 interfaces, servos, displays, and more.

CANBUs patch board


The introduction of the ETC CAN Hub brings forth a myriad of benefits. Users will experience enhanced convenience as all additions can now originate from a single easily accessible device.

This consolidated approach not only simplifies the system architecture but also ensures better connections, contributing to the overall reliability of the burner system. Moreover, these hubs are specifically designed for compatibility with all 6000 controls, making them a versatile and future-proof solution for combustion control applications.

In summary

Our ETC CAN Hubs represent a significant leap forward in CANBus connectability, providing a seamless and efficient solution for the distribution of CANBus on burner systems.

Elevate your control systems with the latest in connectivity innovation and experience a new level of simplicity and reliability in combustion control systems, contact us today.