Energy Technology and Control launch the ETC6230 an expansion module for ETC6000 series controllers

In response to increased customer demand Energy Technology and Control has launched the ETC6230 expansion module. The ETC6230 provides four 4-20mA control loops; the expansion model can be used with 3rd party drive systems. This is particularly useful for customers with specific drive requirements that our CAN bus servos might not cover, either because they require; higher torque servo motors, pneumatic actuators or have specific ATEX requirements. By providing more 4-20mA control loops we have exponentially broadened the drive combinations possible with the ETC6000 series of controls. This flexibility will enable our customers to apply the ETC6000 series to many more applications, while retaining the same simplicity in design, installation, and commissioning achieved by an integrated burner management system when compared to bespoke PLC based systems.

The ETC6000 Burner Management System series of controllers is designed to manage modulating, dual fuel (gas and oil) burners as single fuel profiles or mixed profiles. There are options of fan speed control via variable frequency drive (VFD), and oxygen trim, which further improve burner efficiency.

To complement the ETC6000 Burner Management System series we offer a range of rotary actuators, flame detectors, temperature and pressure sensors. The products allow complete combustion control solutions to be configured for a wide range of diverse applications. The ETC6230 expansion module is a new addition to the ETC range, it is extremely simple to use, requiring no changes to the commissioning process when compared to using one of our CAN Bus drives. By retaining the same commissioning process as our CAN bus drives little additional training is needed for combustion engineers already familiar with the ETC6000 series of controls.

If your setup has particular drive requirements which currently require specialised servo motors or pneumatic actuators then the ETC6230 could be a suitable addition to your setup.

If you would like to learn more about the specifics of the ETC6000 series integrated burner controls or the ETC6230 please get in touch with our team to discuss adding the ETC6230 expansion module to your setup.