Energy Technology and Control launch the ETC6076 7-inch touchscreen HMI

In response to increasing customer demand Energy Technology and Control has launched the ETC6076, a 7-inch touch screen HMI for use on the ETC6000 series of burner controllers. This lower cost touch screen is an up-to-date alternative to the OLED and keypad HMI. The 7-inch model offers slightly reduced functionality compared to the 10.4-inch ETC6075 model, but at a reduced price point, making it an attractive addition to ETC’s product portfolio.

The table shown below gives a clear insight into the differences between the 7-inch ETC6076 and 10.4-inch ETC6075 models.


The ETC6076 7-inch HMI is designed to be mounted in the front door of an electrical panel, it is then clamped into place. A moulded gasket between the front panel and the HMI facia plate provides a waterproof seal.

The ETC6076 7-inch touch screen HMI model has a similar feel to the 10.4-inch ETC6075 but the boiler and burner mimic feature isn’t available on the new smaller version. Instead there is an expandable status line – which works in a similar way to the ETC6075 – where key burner operation data is displayed.

The theme colour of the ETC6076 7-inch touch screen HMI can be chosen to be the best fit with your brand, the colour options have been rigorously checked to ensure superb legibility even in low light conditions.

If you would like to learn more about the specifics of the ETC6076 you can download our installation and user guide by clicking here.