We work with OEM partner to support hydrocarbons manufacturer


Energy Technology and Control’s Spanish OEM partner, E&M Combustion, requested support on a client’s installation located in South East India.

The client, a hydrocarbons manufacturer, required a new, and highly innovative, solution to allow the firing of four different fuels, two gaseous and two liquid.


The commissioned installation included an ETC6003 dual gas controller alongside an ETC6221 oil expansion unit. This product combination is not one that has been previously requested, but it does indeed allow for four different fuels – two gaseous and two liquid – to be fired.

A team from Energy Technology and Control travelled to South East India to oversee the commissioning of the application. To achieve the desired objectives the site required a complete boiler upgrade to be accomplished with minimal downtime. The site could not afford to be out of action and therefore continued to function, with the remaining boiler running at maximum output, while the new boiler setup was installed. Consequently it was vital that the upgrade was completed on schedule.

Martin Thirsk, Managing Direct at Energy Technology and Control is pleased to say “ETC’s engineering team has applied innovative solutions for advanced or difficult combustion problems, particularly involving the combined firing of fuels. This has become very topical in recent years as a means of reducing fuel usage by utilising a by-product of a manufacturing process that would otherwise have to be disposed of, thus saving money and the environment.”


The installation was completed on time and to schedule. Once installed, the ETC6003 and ETC6221 provided a highly effective solution with the objective of firing off four different fuels – two gaseous and two liquid – being realised. Before leaving the site the Energy Technology and Controls team were in fact able to further enhance the setup of the ETC6221 to allow for a wider range of digital input scenarios.


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