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ETC Launches Combustion Controls for Waste Fuel Firing

Energy Technology & Control Ltd, a UK manufacturer of electronic Burner Management Systems, has expanded its range of combustion controllers to allow waste and bio-fuels to be fired either independently or simultaneously with a conventional gaseous or liquid base fuel. Simultaneous firing of fuels can usually be achieved using conventional products but waste and bio-fuels are often characterised by variable availability and inconsistent calorific values. To overcome this an algorithm within the controller software enables safe and efficient combustion to be achieved; an external signal is used to indicate the proportion of waste fuel that should be used across the firing range. Oxygen trim ensures that any variability in either the fuel calorific value or external atmospheric conditions does not compromise combustion efficiency.

The ETC6008 caters for liquid and gaseous fuels to be fired either independently or simultaneously. A second new model the ETC6009, is designed to allow a gaseous base fuel to be mixed with a gaseous bio or waste fuel and includes the provision for valve proving on two separate gas trains. The ETC6009 can be further enhanced to facilitate the firing of a back-up liquid fuel. The full range of ETC peripherals including a 10.4” touchscreen, CANbus servo motors, and temperature and pressure sensors are all fully compatible will all the new models.

ETC6075 Russian Language Support

Russian has been added to the range of languages available on ETC’s innovative HMI display.

Globalisation and uncertain financial environments has meant that burner makers are looking further afield to export their products. Russia, an emerging market, has huge potential for burner makers who can successfully bridge the language and cultural divide.

ETC is committed to providing its customers with the features and benefits they require to satisfy their customers’ need and will work with its partners to develop mutually beneficial Burner Management Solutions.

New ETC6075 Hi Resolution Touchscreen Launched

The ever popular ETC6075 Touchscreen HMI has been upgraded to an 800 x 600 pixel resolution display acheter du viagra en suisse. Existing users will immediately notice the crispiness of the graphics and text as well as increased performance of the touch panel itself.

ETC has also taken the opportunity to give the product a facelift which includes a new boiler mimic graphic and a built-in help facility that allows the operator to call up relevant sections of the Operator’s Manual during normal operation and when commissioning the burner.

The memory card slot previously used for firmware updates has now been replaced with a USB port and all ETC6075 displays will now be supplied Ethernet ready allowing local communications using customers’ own Ethernet networks or remotely using the built-in web server.

ATEX Solutions for Burner Management Systems

Atex Servo

ETC has added a range of servo motors and peripheral devices to the ETC6000 Burner Management Family for use in ATEX Zone 1 & Zone 2 hazardous area.

Energy Technology & Control Managing Director, Martin Thirsk commented ‘We are continually developing our product range in response to our customers’ needs achat viagra autre. The development of peripheral equipment for use in ATEX controlled areas will allow our customers to meet the requirements of specifications where more expensive failsafe PLC systems would previously have been required.’

The ETC6000 Series of Electronic Burner Controls is already the first choice Burner Management System for many leading burner makers. ETC works closely with its customers to develop innovative solutions for the ever evolving industrial and commercial burner markets. New fuels such as waste and biogases, the need to increase combustion efficiently to reduce harmful emissions and legislations such as the Carbon Reduction Commitment, all create challenges that require innovative technological solutions.
The ETC6000 provides a flexible solution that can address most industrial burner applications and has regulatory approvals that includes CE, TRD, UL, FM and AGA. The ETC6000 has also been assessed to EN61580 (2001) and is suitable for inclusion in S.I.L.3 loops.’

ETC6000 Burner Controls Certified for use in SIL 3 Loop

The ETC6000 Series of Electronic Burner Controls have been certified for inclusion in a SIL 3 (Safety Integrity Level) loop.

The ETC6000 range of integrated burner controllers, fuel air ratio controllers and ancillary equipment that includes dedicated servo motors and process sensors have been independently tested and certified to conform to the requirements of EN 61508 (2001) viagra vendre montreal.

ETC customers had identified that EN 61508 (2001) conformity was being increasingly specified in contracts. In response to this feedback and the Company’s continual commitment to meeting its customer needs, a special project was instigated to assess the viability of gaining EN 61508 (2001).

Energy Technology & Control Managing Director, Martin Thirsk commented ‘ETC is delighted to be able to offer burner controls suitable for inclusion in a SIL 3 loop. Our customers can now select ETC burner controls where the contract specifies equipment must be suitable for inclusion in a SIL 3 loop. We believe that the ETC6000 Series is the only range of dedicated burner control equipment that meets the EN 61508 (2001) standard to this safety integrity level’

ETC6000 Burner Controls Gain AGA Approval

The ETC6000 Series of Electronic Burner Controls have gained AGA (Australian Gas Association) certification. This paves the way for ETC’s innovative Burner Management Systems to be installed in Australia and other territories requiring AGA approval.

Energy Technology & Control Managing Director, Martin Thirsk commented ‘The addition of AGA to the list of approvals for the ETC6000 Range that already includes UL, FM, CE & TRD underlines ETC’s commitment to supplying burner controls that are approved globally. In the current economic climate many of our customers are looking to export markets as part of their corporate strategies. AGA certification comes just weeks after the ETC6000 was successful in being approved to the EN61580 (2001) standard allowing the ETC6000 Burner Controls to be selected for systems requiring equipment suitable for inclusion in a S.I viagra par 10.L.3 (Safety Integrity Level) loop.’

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