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ETC6000 Series Combustion Controls

ETC6000 Series Combustion Controls

ETC6000 Series Combustion Controls Overview

Our latest product range, the ETC6000 series of combustion controls, includes both Integrated Burner Controllers and Fuel Air Ratio Controllers with a choice of user interfaces including an innovative touchscreen panel. To complement the ETC6000 controllers there is a range of servo motors, temperature and pressure sensors that allow complete combustion control solutions to be configured for a wide range of diverse applications.

The new products are small in size and can be mounted either directly within the burner enclosure or in a standard burner control cabinet. The combustion controls are flexible and contain features previously unavailable in this type of control as standard. ETC6000 combustion controls interface to a wide range of third party systems using either hard-wired connections or a choice of communications protocols including RS-485, Modbus and Profibus.

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