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ETC6000 Actuator / Servo Motors

ETC6000 Actuator & Servo Motors

ETC offers a wide choice of dedicated servo motors ranging from 4-40Nm in size for use with the ETC6000. These servo motors accurately position air dampers and fuel valves to a resolution of 0.1º over a 90º stroke, allowing fuel:air ratio profiles to be reliability repeated. Using a servo motor for each variable component of a burner control system, such as the secondary air damper, gas & oil metering valves, eliminates the need for complex mechanical linkages.

ETC also offers EX rated actuators.

Hysteresis and backlash have traditionally been inherent weaknesses of mechanical linkages, joints work loose and become worn preventing repeatable positioning especially when travel is in opposite directions. These inaccuracies not only reduce combustion efficiency, resulting in more fuel usage and emissions, but also mean that the combustion engineer will have to set the combustion profile further from the stoichiometric point during commissioning to take these variables into account.

Should larger servo motors be required, there is the option of installing third party drives using a ETC CANbus servo interface – details available on request.




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