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ETC6000 Oxygen Trim Option

 ETC6000 Oxygen Trim

The ETC6080 oxygen trim interface and software that allows an oxygen probe to be added to the ETC6000 Integrated Combustion Controller or the ETC6100 Fuel:Air Ratio.

By monitoring the oxygen level in the exhaust gas flue fine adjustments can be applied to the fuel air ratio to compensate for combustion variables such as barometric pressure change, air humidity, variances in fuel quality etc. This continual compensation reduces inefficiencies.

The oxygen trim option allows the combustion system be become a true closed loop control system by reacting to the the changes in combustion variances instantly. Without oxygen trim any inefficiencies will only be identified when the combustion system is checked during routine maintenance, using a flue gas analyser, or when smoke is detected emanating from the stack.
The benefits of utilising oxygen trim are not only financial but can also be measured in terms maintenance downtime and potential damage to the boiler itself.



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